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For developers learning and experimenting with Oso
Starting at
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99.5% SLA
Community Slack support
5 developers
1 environment
100 monthly active users (MAUs)


For growing teams that need basic SLAs for production
Starting at
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99.95% SLA
Support Mon - Fri, 9am - 9pm ET
Unlimited developers
5 environments
1 deployment region
1 day log retention
1 day backup retention
Starts with 300 monthly active users (MAUs)
Talk to an expert for volume
discounts and ELAs


For organizations that need advanced security, SLAs, and support
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Cloud, hybrid, or on-prem
99.99% SLA
Support 24 x 7 x 365
Unlimited developers
Custom # environments
Custom # deployment regions
Custom log retention
Custom backup retention
White glove onboarding
Features tuned to your organization's needs

Oso Migration Services

We do it for you in <1 month.
One time fee
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For information on volume discounts, talk to an expert.

“Arc is a banking platform, so getting authorization right is critical. We knew our requirements could get complex and we wanted to lean on the experts.”

Raven Jiang
CTO, Arc

“Our experience with Oso Cloud has been great – both the product and the team behind it. Its flexible and powerful. Oso was easy to integrate and it lets us define exactly what we need.”

Ali Ziel
Engineer, Spruce

Pricing FAQ

What counts as a monthly active user (MAU)?

Monthly active users is a count of unique users who interact with your application in a given month. We count monthly active users by tracking unique user identifiers that are the subject of authorization queries. User{"Alice"} is distinct from User{"Bob"} and also from Employee{"Alice"}.

When your application asks Oso Cloud if User{"Alice"} can view her own profile, that's one user performing one action, so one monthly active user. When your application asks Oso Cloud for a list of all user profiles that User{"Alice"} can see, that's still just one monthly active user — User{"Alice"} — even though Oso Cloud might return 1,000 profiles that User{"Alice"} is authorized to see.

Do you offer volume pricing?

You bet. You can set up a meeting to discuss our annual contracts + volume pricing in more detail using this Calendly.