Plans & Pricing

Plans to meet you where you are


For developers getting started with Oso
Starting at
Get started
Includes 100K requests/month
+ See Pro/Enterprise for additional requests
Community Slack support
99.5% SLA
5 developers
2 environments


For growing teams that need basic SLAs
Starting at
Talk to an Expert
Includes 1M requests/month
+ $0.00015 per additional request
Support Mon - Fri, 9am - 9pm ET
99.95% SLA
Unlimited developers
5 environments
1 deployment region
1 day log retention
1 day backup retention
Basic Admin RBAC (in Oso Dashboard)


For organizations that need advanced security and SLAs
Talk to an Expert
Pricing tuned to your organization's needs
+ Talk to an expert to learn more
Support 24 x 7 x 365
99.99% SLA
Unlimited developers
Custom # environments
Custom # deployment regions
Custom log retention
Custom backup retention
Advanced Admin RBAC (in Oso Dashboard)
White glove onboarding

“Arc is a banking platform, so getting authorization right is critical. We knew our requirements could get complex and we wanted to lean on the experts.”

Raven Jiang
CTO, Arc

“Our experience with Oso Cloud has been great – both the product and the team behind it. Its flexible and powerful. Oso was easy to integrate and it lets us define exactly what we need.”

Ali Ziel
Engineer, Spruce
Looking for Oso On-Premises? Try the open source Oso Library.

Pricing FAQ

What counts as a request?

Any HTTP request to the Oso Cloud API counts as a request. Bulk requests count as just one request. In practice, you can expect authorize and list requests to make up the vast majority of requests (typically 2-3 orders of magnitude more than writes and updates).

Do you offer volume pricing?

You bet. You can set up a meeting to discuss in more detail using this Calendly.

How do annual contracts work?

We provide what we call a "commit-to-consume" contract. You commit to the number of requests you expect to consume in the year, but you only pay for usage as you go, every month, in arrears.