About Us

We put security in the hands of the makers.

Oso puts security in the hands of the makers, and we do this by delivering security as code.

Most security products weren't built for developers. But we believe that when you remove friction for developers, great things happen.

This is where we started.

Some companies are founded by teams who experienced a pain at a prior company and decided to build the product they always wanted. That's not us.

We're a mosaic of a team with different accents, text editors, language preferences, degrees and time zones. We have iterated on Oso hundreds of times over multiple years to get to where we are now. Through this experience, we have collectively developed the muscle to build a product driven by true developer demand.

Today we are helping developers add authorization to their applications. But we build Oso on a foundational technology – a policy engine and language – that sets us up to solve a much broader array of problems for developers in the future.
“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up."

Graham Neray

Cofounder & CEO
“Aren’t the complicated things the most fun!?"

Sam Scott

Cofounder & CTO
“Learn how to do things you've never done before."

Stephie Glaser

Developer Relations
“Once you figure it out, it’s just typing."

David Hatch

“Ship it."

Gabe Jackson

“Write code that is easy to delete."

Graham Kaemmer

"Intimately familiar with the hubris of humans teaching sand to think; likes to write software anyway."

Patrick O'Doherty

“Works on teams to build products."

Steve Olsen

“Introduce humans to other humans and watch them build things together."

Erin Walker

Recruiting Manager
“Born too late to explore the Earth. Born too early to explore the galaxy. Born just in time to debug RBAC policies.”

Gwen Whelan


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Founder, LaunchDarkly

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CEO, MongoDB

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Founder, Airplane
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Charity Majors

Founder, Honeycomb

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PM Director, Google

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Founder, Upstream