Oso Cloud Documentation

Oso Cloud is authorization-as-a-service. It provides abstractions for building and iterating on authorization in your application – based on years of work with hundreds of engineering teams.

  • Model: Build your authorization model using primitives for common patterns like multi-tenancy and RBAC. Express custom rules using Polar, a declarative policy language for authorization.

  • Store: Store your authorization data using a best-practices data model and use it for access decisions across all of your services.

  • Enforce & Query: Add enforcement calls to your application to perform yes/no permission checks, filter resources by permissions, list a user's roles, and show/hide pieces of your UI.

  • Test & Watch: Write tests over your authorization policies before you push them live. See logs of authorization decisions in real time.

Authorization as a Service

Oso Cloud is a fully-managed cloud service. It handles:

  1. Availability (up to 99.99%)
  2. Latency (down to 10ms p99)
  3. Throughput (up to millions of requests per second)

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