Oso Cloud Documentation

Oso Cloud is authorization as a service. Rather than writing custom code and ad hoc SQL statements throughout your app, Oso Cloud takes you through this core feedback loop:

  1. Model - First, model who’s allowed to do what in your application using Workbench, our visual rules editor. Workbench comes with primitives for common patterns like RBAC and multi-tenancy. It's backed by Polar, our configuration language for authorization, so you can extend and customize rules however you want.

  2. Test - Write tests using inline assertions. If anything doesn’t look right, you’ll see it right away, and you can debug it using Explain.

  3. Integrate - Last, integrate Oso into your app. Send your core authorization data – like roles and permissions – to Oso Cloud. And add calls to the Oso API where you used to have custom if statements for authorization checks.

Authorization as a Service

Oso Cloud is a fully-managed cloud service. It handles:

  1. Availability (up to 99.99%)
  2. Latency (down to 10ms p99)
  3. Throughput (up to millions of requests per second)

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