with the freedom to extend, shape, and tweak as you need

For teams that are past rolling their own authorization

A Library

Get started fast

Pull Oso from your favorite package manager, add it to your application, and you are ready to start enforcing authorization over API requests, data fetches, and UI components.
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Stand on the shoulders of giants

You don't have to reinvent how to model roles and relationships, or how to architect your system. We give you the mental model and best practices and make them available via APIs, helper methods and guides.
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A Policy Language

Add permissions features and stay future-proof

Write your own policies to reflect the nuances of your use case. Be confident that you are in control and can customize anything you need because Oso is backed by a declarative policy language.
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Authorization Academy

Learn authorization best practices

Read a series of technical guides that explains how to build authorization into an app, including architecture, modeling patterns, enforcement, and more — whether you use Oso or not.
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Loved by Developers

Karan Talati, CEO
First Resonance

“We love Oso because it lets us manage the chaos of access. We got up to speed in 1 week and into production in 3 weeks with 1 engineer.”

Gaurub Pandey, CTO

“Oso is awesome. It has made it much easier to express anything we need in our EHR application. It sped up our authZ roadmap 4x."

Simen A. W. Olsen, CDO

“Most libraries I'd used for authorization were not up to par with what I was used to – until I tried Oso.”

KC Chintalapati, Engineer

"Oso was the fastest path to building roles and has been incredible – easy to wrap our heads around, great docs, and makes life much simpler."

William Hayes, CSO

"Brilliant engineering. Helps guide one through what seems like a simple thing but never is."

Rex Raphael, Engineer

"If you need authorization in your Rust project check out Oso. It's really the best I've seen!"

Mike Dearman, Engineer

"I've really appreciated the teamwork and honestly, quick turnaround vs. other vendors and projects."

Shaun Verch, Engineer

“I love how easy Oso makes it to get started, then do more complex things as you go.”