oso makes authorization easy for developers and transparent for security.


Express your policy as code in a single place, making it easy to write, test, debug and audit even the most complex authorization logic.


Use a structured interface for expressing authorization with extensible building blocks, while keeping the flexibility to define whatever logic you need for your use case.


Explore the users, endpoints and every other element of your policy visually to reason about complex relationships, inform design decisions, and debug issues.


Write tests over your policy using frameworks like pytest or JUnit, and incorporate it into your security review process.


Get an audit trail of every request and permission change in your application, including output showing why requests were authorized or rejected.


Use Cases

Roles & Permissions

Add roles, groups, attributes, and user-configurable permissions to support the enterprise-grade features your customers ask for.

Custom Policies

Give your customers the ability to write custom rules and policies for your application – like your own version of AWS IAM.

Internal Apps

Provide fine-grained controls for your support and sales teams accessing customer data to meet compliance requirements and ensure a least-privilege security posture.


Who oso is for

  • Development teams that devote roadmap to building and maintaining access control schemes, debugging authorization issues, and scaling authorization across multiple services.

  • Security teams that want guardrails, visibility and auditing for access control without impacting developer velocity.


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