Tea with Sam: Building the Oso Go integration

We are kicking off the first "Tea with Sam," a Twitch session with oso cofounder/CTO Sam Scott. We'll be sharing a behind the scenes look into oso development and some of the latest features that the engineering team is working on. Our first session will dig into the Go Library, which is under active development.

Event Details

Why Go? We've gotten a lot of requests for an oso Go library, and it's a glaring omission from our suite of language integrations. Join us and watch Sam live on Twitch as he walks through the new Go library, showing how it interacts with the oso Rust core via CGO and uses Go’s support for reflection to make application data available to oso.

We love hearing from our community and hope "Tea with Sam" will give you an opportunity to learn, give feedback, and help us build a better product. Help us make the session about you too! Come with problems and questions, and let's have an open discussion on the Go library, the oso core, how we build the product – anything and everything is welcome.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or just want to connect, join us on Slack!

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