Permissions Pep Talk

To all developers working on authorization and permissions, this post is for you.

Traditionally, there has been limited technical content on how to build authorization into your app. To address this, we wrote Authorization Academy, a series of guides with best practices on authorization basics, architecture, modeling, and enforcement. There have also been few long-form technical posts on the core technical problems to solve on this problem domain, so Oso cofounder/CTO wrote Why Authorization is Hard.

And finally, not enough celebrities have talked about authorization and permissions in the public domain, so today we're bringing the topic to the fore as well. Here's what Alice Cooper, Lisa Loeb, Ghostface Killah, Kenny G, Mike Ditka, and Lena Headey have to say to developers working on permissions...


Alice Cooper - Permissions are the most rock n roll thing you'll ever do 🀘🎸


Lisa Loeb - I resisted permissions 🎢✨


Ghostface Killah - Make the best best permissions so no one can hate πŸ—½πŸ’―


Kenny G - Permissions are smooth, cool and groovy 🎷🎡


Mike Ditka - Permissions are like my defense πŸˆπŸ†


Lena Headey (aka Cersei) - Devs are the future of the kingdom πŸ°πŸ‘‘


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