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Tea with Sam: How We Build Roles Building Blocks

We're continuing our "Tea with Sam" series with Oso cofounder/CTO, Sam Scott, live on Twitch. Next up we'll be taking another behind-the-scenes look into Oso development with a sneak preview of some new roles building blocks we're adding to the SQLAlchemy integration.

Event Details

It can be overwhelming to make decisions about authorization system design, and it takes time to work through the relevant access control patterns for your application. But there are a number of common patterns among B2B startups – like hierarchies, tenants, and roles – which we are building into the Oso library. In this session, Sam will cover:

  • How these authorization models work and how they fit together
  • An example application that uses these models, which we call GitClub
  • How we designed the library API
  • How the library interfaces with the underlying Polar language
  • The work we've done to date
  • What's coming next in the library

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Want to see our last Twitch session on data filtering in Oso using partial evaluation? Watch the video here.

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