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Reliability and high availability for authorization systems

Greg Sarjeant

Authorization is fundamentally about trust. At Oso, we're always thinking about authorization. This gives us a lot of opportunities to reflect on trust: not just how to express trust within an application, but also what it means for you to trust Oso with your application's authorization. That’s a responsibility that we take seriously. Today, we’re making two announcements that demonstrate our commitment to your trust: SOC 2 certification and Fallback.

Oso’s SOC 2 certification declares in concrete terms that you can trust us to be responsible stewards of your data. SOC 2 is a voluntary, but widely adopted, compliance standard that is designed to prove a company’s commitment to protecting customer data. From our earliest days, we’ve built our systems and processes with SOC 2 in mind. We knew this was the right thing to do, and the SOC 2 audit confirmed that we’ve been doing the right things. In fact, the most time-consuming part of the certification process was documenting our existing controls (there’s A LOT of documentation). If your company requires their vendors to be SOC 2 certified, you can now work with Oso! If you’d like more information about our SOC 2 certification, you can schedule some time to talk with us.

Oso’s Fallback is a read-only instance of your Oso Cloud data that you run on your own infrastructure. Oso Cloud is already built for high availability and low latency, but it’s the nature of modern distributed systems that, however resilient their design, sometimes things happen. When they do, you may want the additional comfort that comes with owning your mitigation plan. Oso Fallback gives you that comfort. If your application is unable to reach Oso Cloud, the client will automatically retry failed requests against your Oso Fallback node. This allows you to trust that your authorization logic will succeed even in the event of a disruption to Oso Cloud. Oso Fallback is is currently in beta, but if you’d like to learn more about it today, you can schedule a demo with us.

At Oso, trust is more than the kind of warm and fuzzy topic that you’d expect from a company with a strong affinity for bears. It informs our products and our processes every day. We’re excited to share these announcements with you today, but we’re not stopping here. Earning your trust is a continuous process at Oso. You can look forward to more announcements about the results of that work, as well as deeper dives into both our SOC 2 certification and the Oso Fallback node. Would you like to share your thoughts on trust with us? We’d love to hear from you! Join us on Slack or schedule some time to continue the conversation.

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