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Managing Authorization Across Microservices on the International Supply Chain Engineering team at Wayfair

Wayfair Senior Engineer, Nicholas (Nick) Matison, wrote about how his team journey broke its monolith into microservices and how it subsequently built out distributed authorization using Oso. This post covers:

  • The decision to move from monolith to microservices
  • Wayfair's requirements for an authorization solution
  • Wayfair's POC with Oso and path to production
  • Example policy code from Wayfair's app

"After researching various authorization libraries and architecture, we decided that the Oso authorization framework was the best for our needs." Read the post to hear learn more from Nick.

Click here to see post on Wayfair's tech blog.

For a series of technical guides for building application authorization, read Authorization Academy. If you want to connect with Nick and hundreds of other like-minded developers working on authorization, join the Oso community Slack!

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