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Release: Oso 0.7.1 is out with new arithmetic operators, sample apps and more

oso v0.7.1 is out! In this dot release, we added:

  • Modulo and remainder arithmetic operators - because what's a language without these?

And a number of bug fixes and other improvements, including:

  • List filtering feature in django-oso (Preview) now handles more policies correctly, and consistently raises errors for policies that cannot yet be converted to a Django Query filter. List filtering, and more broadly, constraints propagation, is an area where a number of users have expressed interest. We are undertaking some fundamental work here, which we will begin to expose more in the coming releases and expect will open up a number of exciting use cases, such as list filtering, precomputation, and new ways to query policies.
  • A stabilized Rust library, including an improved API for converting between oso values and native Rust types, and more detailed error messages.

For more details, read the changelog.

We also created exercises and sample applications to help developers get up to speed with oso:

As always, if you have technical questions or feedback, join us on Slack or open an issue.

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