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Contributions from the Oso community

One of the most rewarding parts of building an open source product is interacting with the developers in the community and hearing what problems they're trying to solve. It's even better when we have the opportunity to work with them on oso itself and share that work with others. Recently, we've had some great contributions from our community and wanted to highlight their awesome work.

Here are some of the latest contributions from the oso community:

NestJS Integration


@cobraz created a new integration for NestJS + oso users. The fantastic nestjs-oso makes it easier to drop oso into your application by providing a decorator for registering classes and the OsoService injectable.

FastAPI example app


@harleylang created this example for using oso in a FastAPI application. Check out the code to see examples of FastAPI routes with and without authorization, and how to use the FastAPI users and data models in an oso policy.

Improved django-oso experience


@devmonkey22 provided a number of improvements to the django-oso library, including a better AnonymousUser interface, and some much-needed cleanups for how oso logs information.

UUID support for the Rust crate


@johnhalbert added support for using the uuid crate with the Rust oso library,  making it easier for users of the diesel crate to write oso policies over their application types.

We'd love to hear more from the oso community. If you have ideas for anything we can do better, open an issue or a PR on GitHub. If you're still getting acquainted with oso and just want to talk through your use case, join us on Slack.

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