oso 0.14.1


Other bugs & improvements

  • Native types (Integer, String, Dictionary, etc.) and equivalent host objects created with the new operator can now be unified transparently.
  • The debugger can now break on runtime errors.
  • The var command in the debugger now automatically maps variable names to their temporary bindings.
  • The VM can now represent circular data without crashing.
  • The in operator now correctly handles rest variables.


Other bugs & improvements

  • Comparison operations on Ruby objects are now fully supported.


New features

Roles in Rust

The Rust library now has built-in support for Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policies which you can turn on with .enable_roles().


New features

Roles in Java

The Java library now has built-in support for Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policies, which you can turn on with .enable_roles().


Other bugs & improvements

  • The python library will no longer call repr on every object passed into a query. Instead, instances will be stringified only when needed (during a log, debug, or error event).
    • This leads to a performance improvement when you have instances with heavy repr calls (e.g. when repr requires a round-trip to the database).

flask-oso documentation

Other bugs & improvements

  • Thanks to @arusahni for surfacing and documenting a potential gotcha when using flask-oso with other Flask libraries that rely on LocalProxy objects.

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