oso 0.0.2

Breaking changes


This release contains breaking changes. Be sure to follow migration steps before upgrading.

@external_class decorator is now named @polar_class

The oso.polar_class() decorator replaces external_class. The decorator is now safe to use on classes that extend odoo.model.Model.

New features

Comparison Operators

Added operators for numerical comparisons.

More info: Numerical Comparison.

Method return types

When calling methods on application classes from Polar, the method return type no longer needs to be a generator.

Define classes in Polar

WARNING: This is an experimental feature.

You can now define classes from with Polar. The syntax is:

class Name(Super, ...) { field: type, ... }

This defines a class called Name that inherits from Super, ... and adds the given fields with type restrictions. Instances of such a class are created using the syntax Name{field: value, ...}.

Dictionary keys do not need to be quoted

The following…

{key: "value", key2: "value2"}

…is now valid Polar. Dictionary keys no longer need to be quoted. The unquoted form is recommended.

Polar debugger

The Polar debugger allows interactive debugging of Polar rules. It can be helpful to see why a rule is behaving differently than expected. Just add the debug() predicate to your rule body to get started.

More info: Debugger.

Other bugs & improvements

  • Variables used only once in a rule result in warnings.
  • Error messages are more clear, and potential missing semicolons are warned about.

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