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Release: Oso 0.22.0 is out, including better policy validation & Python M1 support

Oso 0.22.0 is out! It includes

  • A large number of helpful new warning messages to catch common errors
  • M1 support for the Python library
  • A new shorter syntax for dictionary destructuring
  • Improved default equality semantics in the JavaScript library
  • Cleanups to Polar logging behavior
  • Numerous bug fixes

Community Contributions

Thanks to Raimo Radczewski for identifying a bug in the JavaScript library's handling of dictionaries. Thanks also to Michal Borsiak, Darren Govoni and Hamza Ahmad for contributing docs corrections to this release!

Better Policy Validation

A major focus this release has been improving errors and warning messages to provide more user guidance. Oso now alerts the user and suggests fixes in the following common error cases:

  • missing allow rule
  • missing actor block
  • missing has_permission call
  • missing specializers
  • missing data filtering query functions

M1 Support

The Python library can now be built on Apple’s M1 platform. See our installation docs for more information. We’re working on similar support for other languages, stay tuned!

New syntax

A dictionary field can now be assigned to a variable of the same name using a shorter syntax similar to JavaScript or Rust: { value: value } can now be written more simply as { value } in any place where a dictionary is allowed.

Bug fixes

  • Same-type relations in resource blocks are now handled correctly
  • Several bugs involving data filtering edge cases have been fixed

For more details on these and other changes, read the changelog.

Set up a 1x1 with an Oso engineer

Our team is happy to help you get started with Oso. If you'd like to try out any of these new features, or if you're interested in learning how to use Oso in your app, schedule a 1x1 with an Oso engineers.

Our team is also available to help in Slack.

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