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go-oso 0.11.0-alpha

This week we are releasing go-oso as an alpha release! Download the package here, and check out our quick start!

go-oso supports Go versions 1.12+.

The go-oso library is released as an alpha to provide an opportunity for early users to give feedback while we complete our documentation, and add support for the Polar REPL and Debugger before the full release.

If you’re using Go, we’d love to hear from you! Join us in Slack.

oso 0.10.1

Other improvements

  • Support for converting floats from Go into the Polar numeric type.

sqlalchemy-oso 0.4.1

  • Support for using SQLAlchemy Roles with resources that have a primary key column that is not named id.

sqlalchemy-oso 0.5.0-beta

sqlalchemy-oso 0.5.0-alpha has been promoted to 0.5.0-beta.

If you’re using the beta release and have feedback, join us in Slack.

django-oso 0.7.0-beta

  • Support for Django 2.2. django-oso 0.7.0-beta is tested against Django 2.2 to ensure backwards compatibility.
  • Conversion of partial expressions into Django QuerySet filters has been updated to ensure backwards compatibility.

If you’re using the beta release and have feedback, join us in Slack.

Connect with us on Slack

If you have any questions, or just want to talk something through, jump into Slack. An Oso engineer or one of the thousands of developers in the growing community will be happy to help.