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oso 0.8.2

New features

List filtering

This release is a step towards stabilizing our list filtering functionality. We’ve expanded the set of operators that you can use in a policy with list filtering, added new adapter capabilities, and started documenting the list filtering use cases and adapters. We’re actively seeking feedback on this feature, so please try it out and get in touch with any suggestions, bug reports, etc.

Other bugs & improvements

  • Updated a few runtime error messages.

django-oso 0.4.1

New features

Updated list filtering capabilities

More policies and Polar operations can now be used with list filtering:

  • The in operator now supports relationship fields.
  • Specializers & the matches operator support embedded fields, e.g., resource matches Post{id: 1}.
  • Nested field lookups are supported, e.g., resource.related_model.id = 1.

Install the latest version from pip: pip install django-oso.

Check out the Django adapter documentation.

Other bugs & improvements

  • Added new ReloadPolicyMiddleware middleware for django_oso to control when/how policies are reloaded.

flask-oso 0.5.1

Bumped the minimum required version of the oso dependency.

sqlalchemy-oso 0.1.0

We’ve added our third framework integration (after Flask & Django): SQLAlchemy! With this library, you can apply authorization filters to arbitrary database queries. The initial release is roughly at feature parity with the Django adapter’s list filtering capabilities.

Try it out: pip install sqlalchemy-oso.

Check out the SQLAlchemy adapter documentation.

Connect with us on Slack

If you have any questions, or just want to talk something through, jump into Slack. An Oso engineer or one of the thousands of developers in the growing community will be happy to help.