oso 0.5.2

New features

Support for constructors with both positional and keyword arguments ( #405)

  • In languages that support both positional and keyword arguments (currently Python and Ruby), Oso now supports registering classes with constructors that use both.

  • The syntax for calling a constructor with mixed arguments from an Oso policy is:

    new MyClass(1, 2, foo: 3)
  • As with Python and Ruby, positional arguments must come before keyword arguments.

  • For more, see documentation for the new operator.

Other bugs & improvements

  • The Node.js library will now throw an InvalidConstructorError when attempting to register a non-constructable object via registerClass. ( #392)
  • Rule indexing performance improvements. ( #409)
  • Standardize handling of ±∞ and NaN across all language libraries. ( #410)
  • Better warnings for unknown specializers that are similar to built-in types. ( #403)
  • Fix an issue with readline’s calculation of the cursor position in the Python REPL on Linux. ( #397)

django-oso 0.1.0 ( #395)

The new django-oso package makes it easy to use Oso with Django. It includes middleware for using Oso with Django and authorization functions designed to work with Django views.

flask-oso 0.2.0

Bumped the minimum required version of the oso dependency.

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