Deployment Models

Oso offers 3 deployment models: cloud, hybrid, and on-premises.


The default is to use Oso as a purely cloud-based solution. Oso hosts all the infrastructure, running instances of your rules and data everywhere from Singapore to San Francisco. This option is the easiest way to get started and the easiest operationally. To get started, create a free Oso Cloud account (opens in a new tab).


Some organizations want the convenience of a cloud-hosted model with the extra redundancy that comes from being able to host on-premises. For these organizations, Oso’s hybrid model may be a fit. To learn more, read about the Oso Fallback node.


Oso is also available for self-hosting on-premises. This capability is currently in beta. Reach out if you're interested in learning more:

Talk to an Oso Engineer

If you want to discuss deployment options, schedule a 1x1 with an Oso engineer. We're happy to help.

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