4. Testing, Monitoring, and Debugging Authorization

Tools at Your Disposal

Oso Cloud provides tools to help you complete your authorization development life cycle. Learn when to apply each tool and the resources that will help you get started from the sections below.

In-Policy testing

Whenever you add new authorization logic, write a test for it. You can add test cases to any Polar policy and run them using the Oso Cloud CLI, or from the Rules Editor page (opens in a new tab) in Oso Cloud Dashboard.

When you test your policy, you don't need to worry about adding facts, or calling authorization checks within your application code. This drastically simplifies the problem of isolating the logic you care about and making sure it works.

Additional Resources

The Logs Page

The Logs page (opens in a new tab) helps you monitor authorization activity. The Logs page is where you'll go to track down authorization issues that are reported during use of your application. There, you'll see all the authorization checks made by your application over the last 24 hours. It provides the date and time of the query, the details of the query, and any context facts that were attached to the query.

Additional Resources

The Explain Page

The Explain page (opens in a new tab) helps you debug allow authorization checks. Explain provides information regarding the facts needed to support the authorization check and rules in your policy that get evaluated.

Additional Resources

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