Engineering Manager

New York City or Remote

oso puts security in the hands of the makers. We're doing this by delivering security as code, or as Charity Majors (cofounder & CTO of Honeycomb) put it, "Consumer-quality developer tools" for security.

We begin by helping our users add authorization to their applications. To start, we need to give them a slick, batteries-included experience in their language and framework of choice. Under the hood, we need to provide a fully-fledged policy engine and programming language to ensure we can support their needs over the long-term. This we build in Rust, which we think is both a good design choice for our use case and a fun choice for the team.

We are hiring our first engineering manager to lead and grow a high-performing team of engineers. The person who joins now will not only have a disproportionately large impact on this team and the product, but also on the culture and future of the company.

What you'll do

  • Recruit engineers to your team — ones that complement you and the others on the team, ones that elevate the quality of work, and ones that everyone can learn from.
  • Develop and support the engineers — this includes inspiring your team and helping them grow as engineers, unblocking them, as well as planning out and scoping the roadmap.
  • Ship code — building features for client libraries and the oso core alongside your team.

Plus, help build a company and community from the ground up by wearing other hats, including:

  • Writing documentation that makes users feel supported
  • Writing blog posts that get users excited about the product
  • Speaking at meetups and conferences
  • Engaging with users through support channels (e.g., Slack) to solve their problems and advise on best practices

Who you are

  • You're an owner. You are accountable to results over the process. You prioritize your team's success over the success of any one project.
  • You like to ship. You inspire the team to move and show them the value of getting concrete output into users' hands quickly. You show them how to prioritize speed over getting your explicit permission, and a calculated risk over further analysis.
  • You're for the makers. You look for ways to make easy things easy, and impossible things possible. You prioritize the developer experience above ours.
  • You give and take feedback. You seek out critical feedback from everyone, including your team. You have the courage to give critical feedback to others.
  • You pierce your echo chamber. You ask questions, and look for your blind spots by talking to people who aren't like you.
  • You're always learning. You have a history of practice and expansion, as well as teaching. You're not afraid to take something on just because you don’t know how to do it yet.
  • You can see your team as people. You have their backs and cheer them on.


  • Experience leading a team
  • Experience as a programmer doing both systems and web development
  • You are comfortable picking up new languages or frameworks

Nice to have

  • Experience with multiple web frameworks and ORMs
  • Experience with our problem space, e.g., building internal authorization systems
  • Experience with Rust
  • Experience with programming language design

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