The easiest way to add core security controls to your infrastructure


oso makes it easy to ensure that requests between the services in your infrastructure are authenticated, authorized, encrypted and audited.


Give your services identities via integrations with native auth providers, like AWS IAM, Kubernetes Service Accounts, Kerberos, or LDAP.


Select which services are allowed to talk to which via a simple rules user interface or our API.


All communication between services is automatically encrypted using TLS 1.3. Keys are rotated automatically and in the background.


Get a rich event stream of how and when services authenticate and make requests to other services in your fleet. View in our UI or export to your SIEM.

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Who oso is for

  • Security teams that want to make it easier for developers and ops teams to do the right thing without being experts in security.

  • Ops teams manually stitching together VPCs and firewalls, PKI, JWT, secrets management, and IAM, especially across multiple infrastructure environments.

  • Ops teams that find it frustrating to put in place core security controls – like authentication and encryption – in their infrastructure, especially for microservices in containers and the cloud

How it works


Give your service a name and choose how you want it to authenticate.


Deploy a lightweight binary that secures incoming and outgoing traffic by acting as reverse/forward proxy.


You're done.

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